Checking in

Went down to check on the site. This kid helped me water the plants.


digging up seeds, Canarsie

The corn is not coming up so well in Canarsie. I dug around in one of the mounds and found two bloated seeds that had not germinated. I'm going to have to decide what to do. Perhaps more will come up? In any case this is going to throw off the planting schedule. What will happen next?

Meantime... in Canarsie

Sunflowers are up. Mohawk beans are up.


Installation Day, later

We finished up around 1:30 and left it on its own.

Installing the garden & planting the Gigi Hill blue flint corn

Didn't really know what it would look like until this moment. Actually 10 mounds can fit into the garden bed! Plus the border plants.
And we decided to go with direct seeding. Jeff, Isak, Marika and the photographer for Courier Life newspapers all pitched in with the planting of the Gigi Hill blue flint corn seeds. Of course I forgot to take pictures...


Installing the Stones on Bergen Street

This wasn't fun. But maybe funny... in retrospect. Thank goodness for those Greensulate guys!


planting Lenape Blue

We planted the first round of Lenape Blue flour corn in the mounds. The kids from the "science club" helped us out too.


Back in Canarsie

The plan is to have native flowers in the back part of the garden toward the front two Three Sisters sections. We are also planting Seneca sunflowers along the north gate and Mohawk Vermont beans along the western gate. We transplanted the monarda, zizia and grasses today. We also sprinkled wildflower seed. Next week we'll plant the corn.


grow lights

There's been a cold snap. Lack of light. This batch came up slowly. And as soon as they poked out I put them under the lights.



Jake at Dig is starting North American wild flowers for me. We're going to try them along the borders of the garden at Smith and Bergen.


starting seeds

I decided to go ahead and start some inside. I think I'm just going to decide last minute whether I transplant or start from seed in Boerum Hill. But here's the first batch coming up.


Clearing the spot in Canarsie

Isak and I dig up the grass to prep the area. We work in compost and fresh soil.