A place to plant in Canarsie

I visited PS 115 on Tuesday and met the science teacher, principal and some other staff. They have a plot of land for the corn and it's right in the middle of the historical planting lands! I guess I've been barking up the wrong tree with the city and cemetery. Here people actually want the garden. Although there is something I like about a small defiant corn patch growing in the middle of the empty swath of land in the cemetery -- I feel good about this new spot. And now finally, I will get a chance to realize my original plan - -to plant Lenape seeds in a an area that is documented historical Lenape planting grounds.


Site Visit, Smith and 9th

Things are moving along at Smith and 9th. We have to make some adjustments to the placement. And it seems that the drawing I was originally given by DOT doesn't have the exact measurements. The neckdown is a little shorter that it appears in the drawing. But everyone seems to think its ok. I do have a smaller design anyway, if need be.
It's a little frustrating that there is no date set yet. I keep going back and forth about whether to start the seeds at home or direct seed. I've been researching native plants to plant around the border. Thinking about bee balm and mountain mint. But it's hard, I can't quite get a visual of what it will look like. Plus it's kind of a long border. It could get pricey.


DCAS=NO Imagination (redacted)

This is exactly the kind of response I'd expect from a place that is called the Department of City Wide Administrative Services.