Storing corn for the winter

Saving the Lenape Blue Flour corn seeds for next year. Half of the seeds are going to Tony West in Ohio -- the farmer who donated the Lenape corn seeds to the project. We are going to plant the rest in a plot in Williamsburg next spring. Stay tuned!


winter rye Smith and Bergen

Still some empty spots from the pesky pigeons, but otherwise a nice little patch of rye.

Wintering Canarsie

I dropped by the Canarsie garden. Winter rye has come in, a little patchy, but ok. The once crazy meadow has wound down.


Pigeon update

So far our makeshift pigeon defense has survived and the pigeons have been discouraged. I was happy to see some new sprouts popping up in the protected zone.


Pigeon drama

The winter rye has been coming up nicely with the exception of the swath of destruction wreaked by the rogue Brooklyn street pigeons. Every time we put down some fresh seed a gang of pigeons lurk on the sidewalk and on the rooftops waiting to swoop down. Today Jeff and I reseeded once again and decided to try a couple methods to discourage them. Christmas tinsel and bird netting. Will it work?


Winter Rye is up on Bergen Street

I was worried when I saw a group of pigeons feasting in the plot the other day. But a bunch of rye shoots are showing their red tips today. And it's growing in the cracks too!